Sales Intelligence For Technology Marketers

//Sales Intelligence For Technology Marketers

Infant Solutions deliver manually verified datasets containing sales intelligence for technology marketers. Our intelligence and production units identify and profile decision makers at mid-market to large organizations across all major markets. Our unique ability to link various technology deployments to our master database also allows us to generate leads from almost any business unit. Infant Solutions has worked closely with large technology firms such as Autodesk, NEC, NTT Group, Ansys, Airwatch and HCL over these past few years to expand into new markets, increase awareness of their products and generate the right type of datasets for targeted marketing programs.

Our data experts are knowledgeable, experienced and listen very carefully to understand our customer’s current focus when dealing with technology buyers. Infant Solutions deliver spot verified business and contact information of key executives to drive successful email marketing campaigns as we focus on aligning marketing activities with relevant leads to deliver results and return on investment.

Our datasets help technology firms sell their solutions into the right type of environments. Infant Solutions not only saves your valuable time by conducting all necessary research but also connects you directly with IT specialists and decision makers who are just a click away! With our datasets, your sales team can now quickly identify prospects, gain access to direct contact information and convert more opportunities than ever before! Call us on 302.250.4532 to learn more today.